In Transforming Burnout, Dr. Shelton discusses the characteristics of burnout, a common term describing loss of energy for one’s work. The three main symptoms are 1) exhaustion 2) withdrawal and 3) loss of job satisfaction. The exhaustion is both physical—marked by tiredness, and emotional—characterized by depression and negativity. The withdrawal is evidenced by increasingly limited involvement with others. The result is a plummeting sense of personal accomplishment. Burnout has become a prevalent stress syndrome in our modern world.


To be spiritually connected, according to the wellness circle in Native American tradition, is to be healthy and in balance in the spiritual aspect of one’s life. In Transforming Burnout, Dr. Shelton expounds on the wellness circle and spiritual connectedness. He shows how a healthy spirituality is vital to enthusiasm and energy at work. Dr. Shelton differentiates spirituality from religion and explains how to develop and nurture one’s spiritual life. He also describes the gifts that a vibrant spirituality can bring to one’s work and life.

Recommended Reading

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