Are You Burned Out?

1. Do you wake up tired first thing in the morning?

2. Have you lost the feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment, and enjoyment that originally inspired you to choose your present job or profession?

3. Are you more irritable and impatient than usual – do you often feel, “I’m not myself?”

4. Do your co-workers frequently ask you, “Are you all right?” or inquire whether something’s wrong?

5. Does taking a vacation give you a temporary sense of relief, but as soon as your return to work you feel tired and have no energy or enthusiasm for work?

6. Do you take longer lunches and breaks than you used to? Is it hard to make yourself go back to work once you’re on lunch or a break?

7. Does life seem like “all work and no play?”

8. Do you often feel overwhelmed and too tired to do your work?

9. Do you look for excuses to stop what you’re doing (procrastinate) and do you welcome interruptions?

10. Do you spend time doing non-work activities, so you won’t have to face your work?

11. When you’re doing your work, is it accompanied by a feeling of inescapable fatigue?

12. Do you daydream about “running away” and quitting your job?

YES to 3

If you answered Yes to 3 or fewer of these questions, you’re beginning to feel stressed out on the job and should consider taking action to reduce stress in your life and work situation. Learn more.

YES to 4-7

If you answered Yes to 4-7 of these questions, your attitude at work is suffering and you are approaching serious burnout. Take action now to renew yourself. Learn more.

YES to 8 or more

If you answered Yes to 8 or more of the above questions, you are experiencing acute burnout and should get help immediately. Learn more.