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Transforming Burnout

Here you’ll find Dr. Shelton’s book Transforming Burnout as well as Transforming Burnout the audio book.

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“Narrating and reflecting on his own story of burnout and healing, Dr. Alan Shelton introduces readers to essential dimensions and practices of the spiritual life. Drawing on the wisdom of multiple traditions, this book offers an accessible path to practices and attitudes that can bring our spirits and work into balance. Even more, they can yield the fruits of more grounded purpose, presence, and power in our interactions with all people.”

––Patricia O’Connell Killen, PhD, author of Finding Our Voices: Women, Wisdom and Faith, Provost and Professor of Religion, Pacific Lutheran University

“Dr. Shelton has eloquently articulated the way out of a seemingly unsolvable problem that so many––those in the helping and health professions, as well as those struggling in many other workplaces––have been unsuccessfully striving to give voice to for a very long time. For that, we owe Dr. Alan Shelton our deepest thanks.”

––David Acosta, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine

“There is something here for anyone whose ideals and expectations come to be overwhelmed by challenges at work. Burnout is real. This book is a successful path back to wholeness.”

––Clark Marquart, M.D.

“Powerful and quietly transforming. Each chapter reveals hidden treasures and surprising insights. A must read for anyone looking to regain enthusiasm in their work. What a gift!”

––Jonathan McVety, CEO of Jaguar Trading International

“Dr. Shelton’s humble, thought-provoking stories resonated with my own. Transforming Burnout describes a common professional malady in understandable language, and gives clear and practical steps toward prevention and healing.”

––Kitty-Ann van Doorninck, Superior Court Judge, Pierce CountyWashington